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Get started!

It's easy to get started, and you have plenty of flexibility!

1. Create an account

Creating an account is free. At the same time, you get a personal library at your disposal, for example for travel documents

2. Get a product package

You need an order to set up a site, but you can start out small

3. Create an object

Your home is often your first and most important object. Store the most important documents available to you and add the links you use every day

4. Create a folder

Redecorating your home? Create a folder! At the same time, you can record who did what and what materials were used

5. Import documents

Save the first instructions and tell your loved ones

6.Create a note

Make notes about something important to you. You can write down instructions to share with others

7. Object sharing

Your home contains all kinds of important things that would be good for others to know. Make sure things are clear by sharing your object with loved ones

8. Kokoa materiaalit talteen

Whether you bought a new or used home, information is the key to everything. Now is a good time to put everything in digital format and even request files from others, like the construction company

  • Link-ideas

    Electricity provider and energy use

    Electricity distribution, consumption, monitoring and link connections

    Service company

    Access everyday and on-call services directly from MyHomesID

    Local weather

    Rain, snow or sleet?

    Daily news

    News, current issues, areas of interest

    Management company

    Everything from the road cooperative to general meetings

    Hobbies and leisure

    Cultural services and leisure activities
  • Ideas for your object library

    Maintenance and projects

    Who did what, projects, materials, offers, contracts

    Instructions and rules

    Instructions for use and practical tips


    Purchase/warranty receipts, invoices, delivery documents

    Yard and garden

    Plants and machinery: Equipment, operation, spare parts

    Project planning

    Ideas and brochures. Contracts, agreements, actors
  • MyHomesID IPhone13 Links
  • MyHomesID IPhone13 Document library
  • Kids

    Counseling, daycare, school, hobbies

    Public transport

    Schedules, connections, notifications


    Local shops and services

    Healthcare services

    Contacts, addresses and necessary health information

    Home services

    Cleaners, home help, food services


    Locks, cameras, alarm systems
  • Notes

    Things to remember for yourself and others

    Official matters

    General-meeting and real-estate documents, minutes


    Home appliances: Technical aspects, model type, etc.


    Photographs and videos

A digitally safe place for home- and housing-related matters.

You are free to decide what you want to include and to whom you give access.

Everything securely in one place and always readily accessible.