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Secure service for managing your most important information

MyHomesID organizes all your info in one place, in a completely new way, but you decide the content

Building your home

Knowledge guarantees success. Remember that you can also require contractors to save documents

Caring for loved ones

Help a loved one by saving information on their behalf

Daily tasks

Save time and avoid confusion by sharing information with your family

Buying and selling your home

Having all the information in one place makes buying or selling so much easier

Recover your projects

Save the details of each project including costs, codes, materials, and who did what

Memorizing things

It is good to have a place as an extension of memory and a tool to share things further.

Try it for free for 2 months!

  • You can terminate the customership at any time

Life in your pocket

  • For residential properties

  • Test the features at your own pace

  • No lasting commitments

Ten years ago, the big dream of the newlywed young couple Tiina and Mika came true.

“We got the plot that we wanted and were able to build the home of our dreams. It felt incredible when we got to own a house of our own,” Tiina continues.

My dad and I worked together to store important documents, information, and wishes in a safe place where we can easily find them. We found that MyHomesID is also well suited as a service for the elderly.

Hyvää huomenta

"Together towards a fairer world!"

- Good morning -

Looking for relief in housing matters?

Make the smart move! Get tips to help you keep up with the latest developments!

A digitally safe place for home- and housing-related matters.

You are free to decide what you want to include and to whom you give access.

Everything securely in one place and always readily accessible.