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MyHID Oy – Builder of a digital future

MyHID is a Finnish service developer.

We contribute to global development by offering consumers a digital service that makes everyday life easier for storing, managing, and sharing important information.

Our core principle is the right of individual consumers to decide on matters that are important to them. As the amount of information continues to grow, our service helps the consumer to manage important information easily and safely.

Our goals

  • Provide an easy and versatile service for consumers to manage everyday life
  • Ensure new business models (What does this mean in practice?) Facilitate new business models?
  • Promote networking
  • Encourage fairness
  • Provide both international operations and localised services

3,1 a million

Housing 2020

47 %


61 %

Under 40 years old
lives on rent

508 000

Summer cottage
780,000 people own a cottage

1 720 000


Source: Statistics Finland | Apartments and living conditions, 2020 overview
Numbers and statistics in Finland

Our operations in brief

  • "Together, our core team has more than a century of experience in developing ICT systems related to construction and real estate, in Finland and internationally. "
  • Reliable Finnish partner
  • Private owned

In cooperation


Quite doing good

By concentrating your and your home's things in one place digitally, you save nature and your own time and increase the value of the home you own.

Join the journey towards a fair tomorrow!

A sum of safe parts

MyHomesID – professional tools for the management of everyday affairs.

A digitally safe place for home- and housing-related matters.

You are free to decide what you want to include and to whom you give access.