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Do I have to lose my temper when trying to build a house?

Ten years ago, the big dream of the newlywed young couple Tiina and Mika came true.

“We got the plot that we wanted and were able to build the home of our dreams. It felt incredible when we got to own a house of our own,” Tiina continues.

Still, the two of them were nervous.

“Are we sure we know what we're doing?” Tiina wondered.

Fortunately, the construction work phases, costs, and documents could be centralised in one place, where they can be viewed easily at any time.

“The property developer called and recommended the MyHomesID service, where we now store all the information about the property,” says Mika.

All the information can be shared with new owners

Ten years and three children later, Tiina and Mika decided to sell their house and build themselves a new and more spacious home.

“The first one went smoothly, so why not go again,” says Mika.

Tiina and Mika have already saved many useful things in MyHomesID, which made the new owners of the house very happy.

“The young couple were grateful for the fact that everything, including the management of berry bushes and so forth, had been written down,” says Mika. "And you can also see it in the sale price."

Always in order and available

Tiina and Mika took the advice.

“For example, we have stored the suppliers' contact information, offers, invoices, and delivery documents in MyHomesID. And of course the warranties and manuals,” says Mika. “There was no more need to browse folders and try to look for scattered documents."

“At first, we thought of storing only the basic things, but it was just so easy to list everything that now the service also stores things like maintenance information and manuals.”

“It always bothered me that some of the information was missing. Now, everything is in order and easy to find,” says Tiina with a laugh, confessing that she is pedantic.

Mika also saved a link for energy consumption monitoring.

“It’s interesting to monitor the energy consumption of the house,” says Mika.

What information on my own home can I store?

The service allows you to store any practical information that makes for easier living now and in the future. With carefully recorded information and the use of the instructions, you will have an easier time keeping your property, yard and appliances in good condition. MyHomesID is an excellent tool when the ownership of the house changes, too.

In the service, you can store contact information, quotes, offers, invoices, delivery documents, warranty receipts and manuals, among other things. Record in detail how the house’s heating system, ventilation and other equipment work. You can also make a note of upcoming repairs and procurements.

Securely share the information with the next owner

In MyHomesID, all information about the house is available in electronic format and can be easily shared with your family, friends, contractors, building inspectors or the next owner, for example. The information is free for you to share with anyone you like.

By compiling the information in one secure location, the property’s value will carry over more reliably in all situations. Clear instructions also make for a smoother everyday life, and the new owner will be better equipped to care for the property as well.

A digitally safe place for home- and housing-related matters.

You are free to decide what you want to include and to whom you give access.