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How do I share my summer cottage with my children when my memory starts to fade?

“A big change is about to take place in my and my wife Annikki’s life. All four of our children have left home, and every one of them already has a family,” says Pentti, who is close to retirement age.

Once the last child had moved out, it was time to do something bold. The couple sold their large detached house and bought an apartment in the city centre. They are now living their second youth in a place where services are comfortably within walking distance.

Pentti and Anniki decided not to sell their Kustavi cottage

“For decades, we used to spend our holidays at our summer cottage, but now we no longer yearn to go back. It's time to make room for the younger generation and let them create their own memories,” says Pentti.

But how can all the silent knowledge of the Kustavi years best be passed on? Penti has been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's, which weighs on his loved ones. How is Annikki doing? And are all the necessary information and documents somewhere safe?

No special skills are needed for using MyHomesID

Pentti and Annikki's firstborn, Matti, advised his parents to start using the MyHomesID service. The neighbours had suggested it as well. Embracing digital tools may feel difficult for Pentti and Annikki’s generation, but MyHomesID is easy for anyone to use.

“Using the service doesn’t require any more profound IT skills than using an e-mail or online banking service, for example,” says Pentti.

As a skilled craftsman, Pentti has fixed up a few things over the years at the cottage.

“After a slight learning curve, I started using MyHomesID almost every day. I’ve already stored a great deal of information. I’ve written down the heating instructions for the oven, spring maintenance instructions for the jetty, and contact information for the chimney sweep, the logging company, and more.”

Essential information is stored, always available, and easily shared.

“I myself can also check what the wood-splitting machine’s model number is, for instance.”

“I can also check what the wood-splitting machine’s model number is, for instance.”

If Pentti and Anniki were still living in the detached house, that data could still be stored in the same service.

A digitally safe place for home- and housing-related matters.

You are free to decide what you want to include and to whom you give access.