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Are you planning to order a renovation? Remember the following:

Does your home need a makeover, and have you decided to leave it to a professional? A wise decision! Even if you are not the one doing the manual work, it is good to stay on top of the work stages, costs, and obligations of the renovation project. By storing all the renovation data in one digital service, everything will be easier to manage, and you can free up time for more important things.

How extensive a renovation should I carry out?

In the Salonen family, there was a slight feeling of uncertainty when it came to tackling the renovation project. Anni and Eero noticed that many things in the home had run their course. Many of the household appliances would need to be replaced soon, some of the technology had not been used in a long time, and the manuals had ended up as children's drawing books.

The Salonens realised that a simple facelift would not be enough. A more extensive home improvement project would be needed. However, they did not consider renovating the home themselves at any point.

– “We didn't have any previous experience with renovation and we weren't really interested in doing it ourselves,” says Eero.

Where could they find someone they could trust to do the renovation?

All the information is there already in the tendering phase

Anni and Eero took the family's advice and asked an expert for advice on how to put the renovation out to tender. The Salonens started using the MyHomesID service and shared it with the entire family. In addition to the technical issues and the invitation to tender, they stored the renovation wishes of each family member in the service and finally shared the service with the designers.

– “What an easy way to ask for quotes! Among the designers, a professional was found who took care of the renovation from design to completion,” says Anni.

The renovation went smoothly, and the results exceeded the expectations of the whole family. In the final stretch, the father of the family, Eero, was finally assured that he could just relax and enjoy the transformation of his home. The mother of the family got the bathroom she had always dreamed about, their youngest got wall bars, and their firstborn finally got their own room.

What was the tile we had in the bathroom again?

For the Salonens, it was important that the renovation information and the device instruction manuals could be stored where they could easily be found. That way, it would be easy to look later at what had been agreed in the renovation project and what materials had been used. Securely stored information would also help to maintain the value of the house.

MyHomesID was the perfect choice for what the family was looking for. All the renovation data was collected in the digital service, which also benefits the potential next owner of the house. Renovating wasn’t so hard after all!

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