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Editing Document Information

1. On the object’s “Object Library” tab

    • Select the folder containing the document whose information you wish to view or edit

2. In the folder

    • Select  the three-dot icon on the right-hand side of the document

3. Functionalities

  • The document management view is opened

    • Select “Manage Document Information”, if you want to manage information

    Here, you can also move a document to the recycle bin by selecting “Move to Recycle Bin”
    There is a separate guide for the Recycle Bin: “Recycle Bin

4. Edit document information

  • In this view, you can:

    • Edit the document’s name by selecting the pencil icon
    • Add an additional date to the document under “Additional Date” to support your search or to mark
    • You can also add keywords to the document to support your search by selecting “Add Keywords”

5. Select an additional date

  • This will open a calendar view where you can make a selection. The function is optional

6. Manage your keywords

  • You can manage the keywords associated with your document. These keywords can later help you search the Object Libraryn

    Finally select "SAVE"

    There is a separate guide for how to search: Search

    There is a separate guide for managing
    your own keywords: My Keywords

Congratulations! Now you know how to edit the information in a document!

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